mnmlist: About a policy statement for the @musikFabrik Twitter account

I am thinking about a policy statement for the @musikFabrik Twitter account. The account is credited in the bio as “project manager of Ensemble musikFabrik: one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music”, with @musikFabrik as the handle and my name as – well, my name.

I believe that even with purely institutional Twitter accounts (which this one isn’t) one needs to know who the person behind it is, and the credit of this should should avoid misunderstandings. But still – maybe a clarification is in order anyway? This is my first draft – any input is appreciated.

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Twitter account policy for @musikFabrik

This is the account of Lukas Hellermann, project manager for Ensemble musikFabrik, one of the leading ensembles for contemporary music. You’ll find stuff related to Ensemble musikFabrik, of course – updates on rehearsals, pictures, concerts, upcoming projects and more.

You’ll also get a lot of retweets of stuff that I find interesting, or worthy of further discussion. The assumption is that based on my connection with Ensemble musikFabrik and your interest in us you’d like to participate in my (mostly new music related) reading, too. Even what other players in the contemporary music scene are doing, writing and tweeting about I will be sharing frequently.@-replies are part of a more personal discussion and do not necessarily represent an institutional Ensemble musikFabrik position, too. Chances are that there is a connection between my personal and the Ensemble’s position, though. When in doubt take it with a grain of salt.

If you are interested in the purely institutional side of things, you can do two things:
1) Check Ensemble musikFabrik’s Facebook page.
2) Just let me know – splitting up this Twitter account might be an option, too. If I get enough feedback that this would be the way to go I’ll do I might do that.

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Discuss this.